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Upcoming Video Game Reviews: July/August 2020

Blog Update: Twin Sticks is now on YouTube!

It’s been a busy time at Twin Sticks over the last two months as I prepared my first ever video review. I used to make short films in school and college so I already had some background knowledge on how to edit footage. (And I was pleasantly reminded of how much fun it was back then too). But it was other technical aspects which took the longest to figure out. Like how to capture game footage in a decent resolution, or how to record good sounding audio. (I’m still learning on the last one). 

Moving forwards all of my future reviews will be available on my blog in written form, and on YouTube in video form. 

The written versions will be much shorter and give a brief overview, while the video version will be more in-depth. I’m still figuring out just how in-depth to go as I’ve received positive and negative feedback on this. I personally enjoy longer reviews, but I realise not everyone does.

Anyway, thank you if you’ve already watched my first review!

Upcoming Video Game Reviews: July/August 2020

I still don’t own a Playstation, so unfortunately won’t be able to review Ghosts of Tshushima on July 17th. I am honestly gutted. I’m fascinated by Feudal Japan and the game looks incredible. Next generation, and if my reviews take off, I will probably buy a PS5. I’m committed to bringing you in-depth and honest reviews you can trust, and that includes titles for Sony’s console too. Plus I love Spiderman. I’m missing Spiderman games in my life!

Moving on, here are the games I’ll be reviewing over the next two months. Mostly for the Xbox One with one PC game too.

Upcoming Reviews for July

1. Deep Rock Galactic (finally!)

  • Publisher: Coffee Stain Publishing
  • Developer: Ghost Ship Games
  • Release Date: May 13th 2020

Yes, after two months my Deep Rock Galactic review is almost finished. I started reviewing the game shortly after release, but other games took over like Minecraft Dungeons and then Disintegration. Plus I set up YouTube etc. so the review took a back seat. But now it’s almost ready and I’m excited to finally share it. (I’m also glad to be putting out a review that is overwhelmingly positive for once!)

Cheack out my review of Deep Rock Galactic here

Upcoming Reviews for August

2. Grounded

  • Publisher: Xbox Game Studios
  • Developer: Obsidian Entertainment
  • Release Date: 28th July

Where to start with this one? Obsidian, one of the greatest developers of Western RPGs, branches out into the online PVE Survival genre. Wait, what? I’m honestly more intrigued than anything…

Wacth my review of Grounded here (no written review this time)

3. Roki

  • Publisher: United Label, CI Games
  • Developer: Polygon Treehouse
  • Release Date: July 23rd (PC), TBC Switch

I played Roki at last year’s EGX and was very impressed. The 2D side scroller combined with a point and click puzzle game reminded me of older titles like Monkey Island. And the beautiful setting and Scandanaian folklore theme had me hooked. I played around 20 minutes, but I could have played a lot more.

I’ve got a feeling Roki could be something special.

Check out my review of Roki here

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