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How to Improve your Overwatch Game: Tips and Tricks to get better

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When I first started playing Overwatch I was terrible. Like a lot of amateur players I was desperate to Improve my Overwatch game. To help you, I’ve compiled a list of Tips and Tricks to improve and get better at playing Overwatch.

It’s also worth making sure you (if you are in the market for a new laptop) are using the best laptop for Overwatch. Better hardware can help improve your game as the better frame rate will allow you to gain a bit of a graphical improvement to spot those sneaky players trying to hide from you!

Complete the Tutorial

One of the first mistakes I made was not completing the Overwatch tutorial. The tutorial is the opening Game Play Mode. You begin the tutorial with Soldier 76. It walks you through the basic fundamentals of the game such as how to move, shoot and look around. It also shows you the abilities of Soldier 76. After completing the tutorial you can move onto a more open style by taking on the Shooting Range

About Soldier 76

Soldier 76 is one of the most polished offence characters. He has an impressive range of abilities. These include a weapon that can sustain a volley of bullets to keep the enemy pinned down. Soldier 76 is also able to sprint very fast giving him a great ability to get around the battlefield at speed to support his team. He can support his team further with use of his healing Biotic Field.

Hero Choice

For beginner players, it’s all about choosing the right character. Amateur players haven’t yet acquired a strong enough Overwatch skill set to play some of the more complex to play heroes. Playing with an ‘easy to play’ character will give you a chance to learn all about the game without the pressure of using a much more difficult hero. In my opinion the 4 easiest characters (one for each category) to play are:

Damage Per Second: Soldier 76

A really easy to play character with an easy to understand kit list. He has a rifle, a healing field, rockets (that do really impressive damage) and and an insanely fast sprint function. If you’ve played Call of Duty or a generic first person shooter before, you can play as Soldier 76 relatively easily.

Tank: Reinhardt

Standing at a massive 7’4″ Reinhardt is most definitely a Tank! Covered in strong armour and carrying a monstrosity of a hammer, Reinhardt is one not to be messed with. He is the sturdiest of the Tank heroes with his high base health. The huge barrier ability he possesses is used to protect his team and move them into position under cover. Reinhardt is a very easy character to play.

Support: Mercy

Mercy. She is a support hero best used as a healer. She is very capable of healing her teammates rapidly, which is very important if you want to get your peers back into the fight. Her firepower is limited, so don’t get into a one on one with any of the other characters. I’ve played as Mercy for many hours and she is really easy to play. You do have to be aware of your positioning and surroundings so that you don’t become isolated from your team. You’ll then be picked off by the opposing team very quickly.

Defence: Torbjorn

Torbjorn. I almost went with Bastion but Torbjorn just edged out for me for being the easiest. The reason I chose him is purely because of his Turret ability. You place a turret at a choke point and watch the AI kills come rolling in. A very easy character to get to grips with.

In-Game Positioning

Positioning, it’s all about asking yourself if you would’ve been better off in position A, B or even C! The matches you play will be a constantly evolving fluid, it isn’t a constant, so don’t expect to be able to just hold one position, you’ll need to move and be smart with where you position yourself on the battlefield.

Take the high ground. If the defending team have picked a spot to try and defend. Make sure you get above them and rain fire down below. This will allow the other members of your team to flank them ensuring the defending team split up or make a hasty retreat.

Where is my team? If you are asking yourself this question, you’ve already got it wrong. Always make sure you try and stay in close proximity to your team members. Afterall, this is a team game and not a solo one man mission. Overwatch teams generally perform better together.

Range from the enemy is another important point when considering your positioning. Snipers such as Widowmaker can be the other side of the battle field. A tank such as D.VA should be right in the thick of it creating space for the DPS heroes to get the kills.

Sensitivity Settings

Lower your sensitivity. I play at 800 dpi for my mouse and set the in-game sensitivity settings to a 4. When I first started playing Overwatch I had a mouse dpi of 1600 and 15 in game, which is very high. Don’t just change it straight away, gradually change the settings down and get a feel for how your favorite character handles. If you try to step down a huge margin all at once, it will feel too much like you can’t do anything, so I recommend moving it down in smaller increments

Learn from the Pro’s

I would recommend recording your gameplay using software such as OBS. This way you can watch it back and try to notice your mistakes that you didn’t know you were making while playing, or you can compare it to pro players to see what they are doing and you aren’t.

To better understand things like positioning, strategies, how to play each hero correctly etc you should create an account on Twitch. Once you’ve done that you’ll want to watch some of the pro players.

If you aren’t sure what twitch is you can check out an article I found where it explains everything you need to know about Twitch.

I really hope this has helped you to improve your Overwatch Game. Let me know in the comments below.

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