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Diablo 3 Season 20 starts on March 13th. Here’s why you should play it on Nintendo Switch


Diablo 3 Season 20 starts on March 13th. Whether you’re playing for the first time or returning after a break, now is the perfect time to start earning brand new seasonal rewards. Unsure where to start your Season 20 journey? Here’s why you should play it on the Nintendo Switch.

Diablo time is always the right time

Diablo 3 on the Switch is designed for casual and hardcore players alike. There’s a ten hour campaign for starters and an infinite adventure mode for afters. In adventure mode you complete bounties, with each taking around 10-20 minutes. Here you’ll also find Diablo 3’s pinnacle activity; Nephalem Rifts. Nephalem Rifts stitch random dungeon levels together and fill them with an obscene amount of enemies to slay. Rifts take around 10-20 minutes each – or less for Greater Rifts, timed at 15 minutes.

The range of low to high time commitments creates opportunities to play Diablo 3 whenever you have spare time. A short bus ride, a long train journey or an evening at home are now perfect times to level up your seasonal character. Diablo 3 is also a joy to play in either handheld or console mode, with a smooth 60 fps throughout (mostly)

Your time with Diablo 3 is always respected too, as legendary items can drop from any enemy. Your boring bus ride could be livened up by boots that leave a trail of fire in your wake. Or by a helmet that releases a poison cloud supernova every time you attack. Just don’t forget to get off at the right stop…

With Diablo 3 on Switch progressing your season 20 character is effortless. Even a spare 10 minutes each day will propel you through the ranks.

Diablo 3 Season 20 on Nintendo Switch

Couch Co-op for all

It’s no secret that Diablo 3 is best played in co-op. The problem is many of us have different consoles and cross-play isn’t fully developed yet. The Switch is simply designed for couch co-op with two controllers for the price of one and it’s compact design. It’s incredibly easy to pop the entire Switch console in your bag and take it over to a friend’s house for a couch co-op session. Playing Diablo 3 using a single Joy-Con, surprisingly feels great with motion controls adding a nice, almost party-game element.

Ideally Diablo 3 is more comfortable with a Joy-Con Pair or Pro Controller. On a single Joy Con some commands involve pushing the thumb stick and pressing a button at the same time, which is fiddly. After a while it gets uncomfortable which I noticed towards the end of a four hour session recently.

If you want to avoid screen sharing other options are available. Play via local Wi-Fi is supported including for both the Nintendo Switch/Switch Lite and of course, using Nintendo Online. If screen sharing isn’t an issue you can bring any Diablo 3 characters linked to your Nintendo profile to another Switch console. 

I can’t imagine playing Diablo 3 Season 20 anywhere else but the Switch due to the accessible ways to play in couch co-op. It’s never been easier for friends and family to play Diablo 3 in the same room.

You’re probably thinking “PC is still the best place for Diablo 3”

If you’re like me you either can’t afford a high end PC or don’t have space at home for a full PC set-up. Although Diablo 3 is designed to be played on the PC, it has miraculously found its way to the miniscule 32GB Switch cartridge. Of course, like with most Switch ports, this is only possible by downgrading the graphics.

The lower graphical fidelity is noticeable when compared to PC or Xbox One/PS4, but not so noticeable that it will ruin your experience. It’s more important that the game runs consistently at 60fps, which it does most of the time. Personally I’ve noticed nothing immersion breaking due to frame rate drops on the Nintendo Switch.

Diablo 3 Season 20 on Nintendo Switch: The best place to play Diablo

I can’t imagine playing Diablo 3 anywhere else but the Switch right now. Whenever you have a spare 10 minutes or a free evening there is always time to progress your seasonal character. The flexibility and accessibility of the Switch is again astounding, as if Diablo 3 was designed with the Switch in mind all along. 

If you’re playing for the first time or jumping back in after a break, the Nintendo Switch is the perfect place to play Diablo 3 Season 20. I cannot recommend it enough.

After Thoughts

Thank you for reading my reasons why you should play Diablo 3 Season 20 on Nintendo Switch!

I played Diablo 3 for the first time recently on the Switch. (It was one the best games I played last year). It’s so easy to jump in for a quick 20 minute session, or spend an evening playing couch co-op with friends. When Diablo 3 was released in 2012 none of us ever imagined we could play it on a handheld console. But it’s all the better for it.

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