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About the blog

It is 1999 and I am 7 years old. Sat in an armchair at my childhood home I turn on my new illuminous yellow Gameboy. I am about to play my first ever game: Pokemon Red. Having seen the numerous adverts on television showing Pokemon being shoved onto a school bus, I am excited. The day quickly passes as the dimly lit screen stays glued to my face. The next day my friends and I talk about Pokemon all day. Two years later we talk about Halo. And in 2018 my brother and I talk about Red Dead Redemption 2.

I started Twin sticks in February 2019 to write reviews of the latest games after being blown away by Red Dead Redemption 2. Deciding the name was a big hurdle, but I chose Twin Sticks as it's a reference to the dual analogues sticks on a gamepad. And as as I've been playing drums since I was thirteen years old, using, well, drum sticks the name stuck.

In mid 2020, I started producing video versions of my reviews on YouTube. They're really fun to make and allow me to go more in-depth than I can with my written reviews (as well as have a few laughs on the way.) If you enjoy watching reviews rather than reading you can find me at Twin Sticks on YouTube (link below).

Check out my current video game reviews here.

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About Me

My name's Jack and gaming has always been an important part of my life. Growing up all of my friends were made through gaming, and even now I’m still passionate about them to this day. Having a quiet night in and getting lost in a good game, or playing online with friends are some of my favourite ways to unwind.

Outside of gaming I play drums in an Alternative rock band called Avory, based in Nottingham, UK. I also love film (Broadway Independent Cinema is one of the best things about living in Nottingham) and I work full-time as a Hydrogeologist (rocks and water) which involves long periods of work away from home (thank you Nintendo Switch...)

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