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About the blog

It is 1999 and I am 7 years old. Sat in an armchair at my childhood home I turn on my new illuminous yellow Gameboy. I am about to play my first ever game: Pokemon Red. Having seen the numerous adverts on television showing Pokemon being shoved onto a school bus, I am excited. The day quickly passes as the bright screen stays glued to my face. From across the living room my parents see my face, now replaced by the stern expression of Charlizard, leering out from the cartridge slot. The next day my friends and I talk about Pokemon all day. Two years later we talk about Halo. And in 2018 my brother and I talk about Red Dead Redemption

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Yellow Gameboy Sketch

About Me

Gaming has always been an important part of my life. Growing up all of my friends were made through gaming, and even now I’m still passionate about video games to this day. Outside of gaming I play drums in an Alternative rock band called Avory, based in Nottingham, UK. I also love film (Broadway Independent Cinema is one of the best things about living in Nottingham) and I work full-time as a Hydrogeologist (rocks and water).

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Me on 24th February 2020: The first anniversary of Twin Sticks Gaming Blog!